Aer Lingus - Sadie's Home

Brand Campaign
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The Problem

After a challenging year for air travel, Aer Lingus wanted to show their passion for bringing loved ones together at Christmas. And with only 6 weeks until Christmas, time wasn’t on their side.

The Solution

We knew a classic airport reunion was the right direction, but to really excite and delight Aer Lingus’s audience we gave it our own fresh spin. And so, with an incredibly quick turnaround time, we created the short film piece “Sadie’s Home”. The story follows a young expat who has just moved back to Ireland after years away. However, his new place feels a little empty as he gets it ready for Christmas, like someone else should be there. Finally, the day arrives where that missing someone, Sadie, is flying in – and she’s not who we think. The payoff is a heart-melting reunion which recognises Aer Lingus’s place at Christmas – the warm airline that looks after us and brings us all together.

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