An advertising agency
that cuts outs all the unnecessary
parts of an advertising agency

We are Showrunner

We’re an ad agency that tries to cut out all the unnecessary parts of advertising: the slow-moving processes, the meetings about meetings, the head-scratching titles. We’re not huge fans of long-winded manifestos either, so we’ll keep this short…

We make good work for great brands.

We’re Square
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What We Do

Full Campaigns

Working with you from the very beginning and creating a full advertising campaign end-to-end.

And when we say advertising, this can be pretty much anything - TikTok, full social media campaigns, branded content, working with influencers, print, billboards, podcasts, or whatever else is the best way to reach and engage with your audience. We make sure all our ideas are strong enough to live on any platform, so everything fits together and fits the brand.

One-Off Projects

If it suits you better we’d love to work with you on a one-off project or a unique problem to solve.

Because sometimes a full-blown campaign isn’t the right way to go. In the past, this has resulted in some exciting creative for us, like branded podcasts, emotive short films, a newspaper special, a travel TikTok campaign, and even a chocolate bar.

Creative Consultation

If you’re looking for a fresh brand perspective we also provide creative consultations with our creative director team.

Sam Moorhead & Mikey Fleming have a wealth of experience in the industry and will work with you early on in the process to find out the best creative direction for your brand. This usually involves workshopping with you to find solutions you may not have thought of. We know “creative consultancy” sounds a little jargon-y, but it works!

Branded Comedy

People are 90% more likely to remember a funny ad, that’s why we take branded comedy very seriously.

Funny isn’t easy though. If you work solely with content creators and influencers your brand’s message may suffer, and working only with advertising creatives means the comedy may fall flat. Showrunner has its foot in both worlds, with comedy writers and directors on the team who think the effectiveness of comedy is no joke.

We cut out
The meetings about meetings Lumbering process Mindless marketing jargon Outlandish titles Tedious back and forth Committees for everything Slow-moving response times Work for work's sake Too many cooks Calling ourselves “change makers” Overusing the word “culture”

Let's chat

If you’d like to talk about a potential project or just want to suss us out in person, let’s have a Zoom or a coffee.